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I recently went through the trouble of gutting an old pc and replacing all the parts and as I did I bought a new motherboard, proccessor, graphics card, power supply and ram. Yet after putting it all together I am met with no signal yet the computer spins and wurls as if it's working (and I know that doesn't mean much after reading that just means things are getting power to move them.)

I've cleared the cmos, took out the ram (no beeps for some reason), checked all the cables till my eyes hurt at this point, switched around the ram and took out the graphics card only to find out that the pc has no onboard graphics.

I feel so drained from putting so much time into trying to figure out what could be wrong.

Here are the parts I used:

EVGA 600w power supply

Gigabyte GA-990X-Gaming SLI Socket AM3+ ATX Motherboard

HyperX FURY 8 GB Memory Module Kit - Red

AMD FX 8350 Black Edition "Vishera" CPU (8 Core, AM3+, Clock 4.0 GHz, Turbo 4.2 GHz, 8 MB L3 Cache, 125 W)

GTX Nvidia 670

Any help would make me so grateful.
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