Motherboards for LGA 1151 socket that support DDR3L?

Hello everyone!
I am looking for a motherboard that is compatible with Intel's 6th and 7th gen processors, but also supports DDR3L.

I have looked over a bunch of websites, could not find anything. I am from Canada.
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  1. I have found this:

    In the title it states that it is DDR3L compatible, but the description talks only about DDR4 memory. Has anyone used this motherboard?
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  2. Even if it does support DDR3L (and the manufacturer's website doesn't advertise that), it uses SODIMMs rather than standard DIMMs. I know RAM is expensive now, but, IMO just save the extra $$$ and get DDR4. DDR3L is a kludge for 6th and 7th gen Intel CPUs.
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  3. The problem is that my current computer has an i7 3770. I need a RAM upgrade now, but I dont have the money to buy a new processor. So I was hoping I can buy DDR3L now, use it, and upgrade my CPU in a couple of years, without having to buy the DDR4 ram

    P.S. Sorry for not replying directly, I am new to the forum.
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    An I7-3xxx series CPU won't work with a 6th or 7th gen motherboard. Your upgrade will have to be total rather than incremental. So you could get a regular DDR3 memory upgrade for your current system (get an SSD if you don't have one also) and start saving for a total replacement.
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  5. Okay, I will just get some DDR3 RAM atm, and upgrade the motherboard CPU and RAM later. Thank you!
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