Ryzen 3 1200 overclock with stock cooling

Which is the best Frequency and Vcore for the overclock of my Ryzen? I need this for better gaming performance.
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  1. I have OC'ed my Ryzen 3 1200 to 3.9GHz with little to no voltage increase. And yes, with the great little Wraith stock cooler.
    Try 3.9GHz @ 1.29v if the voltage needs increasing. (I'm not having as good of luck with my Ryzen 5 1600X, unfortunately)
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  2. Did you see a big difference on fps while you were gaming?
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  3. Better gaming performance in what respect??
    3.5/3.6 should net you 60fps locked in AAA titles

    If you get drops below then it's more likely a GPU limitation not CPU

    You can test that by dropping game resolution to 720p & seeing if fps increases dramatically.
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  4. Yeah I ll put it in 1,297 V and 3,8 GHz will this be effectively?
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  5. In full hd ultra graphics I have 39-46 FPS
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  6. What GPU ?? What games ?? What resolution ??

    A stock 1200 is capable of more than that fps wise in just about any title .

    There's a high possibility that's a GPU limitation.
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  7. Battlefield 1
    1080p resolution
    Ultra graphics
    MSI GTX1050 2GT OC 2GB
    39-46 FPS
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    Yeah that's down to the GPU not the CPU.
    A 1050 won't do anywhere near 60fps ultra , those results are better than I'd expect to be honest.

    Those results are paired with an i7 so its not the CPU .

    Stock ryzen is capable of 100fps averages.
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  9. Can I at least overclock my gpu but how should I do this with afterburner
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  10. You can overclock it but in all likelihood you're looking a 3-4fps increase.

    You have a budget gaming GPU with 2gb vram

    No matter what you do you will not hit 60fps on ultra on AAA titles like BF1.

    Drop your graphics settings to somewhere between medium & high , that's why we own PC's - everything is configurable to gain better performance.
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  11. Okay thanks, but Some times I capture 48 FPS also imagine with overclocking GPUD 50 FPS will be standard now how can I do this?
    I have afterburner but every gtx 1050 is a dofferent tire to handle Overclock
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  12. As Madmatt30 says, you are at the limitation of the GPU right now. And the limited VRAM in games that demand more... or if you like high settings. You can squeeze more fps out of the little 1050, but you're only talking single digit increases in most modern games.

    Run 3DMark Time Spy and we'll compare results if you like. I have a GTX 1050 Ti (1785MHz) and 2133MHz RAM in it.
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