Can i overlock my I7 6700k and 1070 with a 750W PSU?

My Specs:

♦Novatech Eclipse High Performance Mid Tower Case
♦Novatech 750Watt
♦Zotac Gtx 1070 AMP Extreme
♦Intel Core i7 6700k Skylake
♦Intel Stock CPU cooler
♦16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
♦2TB and 1TB Hard Drives
♦120GB SSD For System

If you think I can overclock can you give me the software to use and what to upgrade. I only play games on this computer and its mainly arma 3 which doesn't run that well.
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  1. Stock cooling really wouldn't allow for a great overclock, but I suppose it's worth a shot. Don't use any software - use the BIOS - it may seem scary at first, but if you don't touch what you shouldn't touch, you'll be safe. Use the BIOS, that yields better results than any software would.

    As for what to upgrade, I'd say the only thing worth upgrading is your cooler - get a high-end air cooler or an AIO, for better overclocking. As for the GPU cooler, that is sufficient. The application to use for GPU overclocking would be MSI Afterburner.

    Your PSU is okay when it comes to wattage, but whether it's quality is good or not, I don't know.
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  2. Do some research on the net, watch videos and read blogs, educate yourself on the process.

    My overall advice is to take very small steps and record your progress, also understand every chip has a different overclocking sweet spot, your goal is to find that.

    Don't forget you can break your shit doing this, however taking small steps will help prevent this.

    (Yes you have enough PSU to overclock and if you want to know for yourself, look up a wattage calculator and type in your setup to get a total usage on watts)
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  3. Best answer
    PSU requirements are mainly driven by the graphics card.
    Your 750w unit is more than enough.

    ----------simple skylake overclocking----------------

    I suggest the following:
    Reset all including ram to default.
    Install a stress tester like OCCT. Not prime95 or IBT which are unrealistic loads.
    Then, leaving all voltages on auto, gradually raise the multiplier from the stock 40 to a higher number.
    Stress test with occt. It will shut down the test if temperatures reach 85c.
    You will run out of safe vcore before you run into thermal limits.
    Monitor vcore. CPU-Z will tell you.
    While Intel spec says 1.5v is a limit, more like 1.4 would be max.
    When you reach your comfortable multiplier limit, stop.
    use only the maximum ram xmp that will run with the stock 1.2v voltage.
    Overclocking ram to 1.35v to get faster ram speeds will reduce your overclock.
    Faster ram is not that helpful since it is accompanied by higher latency.
    Here is a study:

    When you are done, implement speedstep and adaptive voltage.
    That will reduce your multiplier and vcore when there is little to do.

    As of 10/11/2016
    What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane 1.40v Vcore.

    4.9 3%
    4.8 19%
    4.7 61%
    4.6 95%

    Likely you will want a better cooler.
    I like the scythe kotetsu for $35.
    Here is a review:
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