Motherboard lights up but not the cpu and ram

Hi, so i recently built my new pc and i cabled everything.
When i turn the psu on, the mobo rgb starts but the cpu and the ram won't.
I have no gpu installed as i haven't bought it yet, i checked everything and the issue may come from the 8pin cable powering the cpu part of the board.
Is my system not working because i have no gpu and no cpu graphic (ryzen) ?
Or is my psu at fault ?
My mobo is the b350 strix and my cpu is the r5 1600, ram is corsair led ddr4.
When i cable my mobo to my monitor i can't even get the bios to be displayed.
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  1. cpu and ram dont have led why would they light up
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  2. Because they have leds, the thing is that even fans don't start to spin.
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  3. make sure everything is plugged in this always happens to me also make sure all the standoffs and screws to the motherboard are on right they are a necessity to check since theyll ground out the board and make sure the cpu 8 pin is plugged in also check all the wiring for the on and off switch and is the psu working and is it the right wattage and not having the gpu plugged is probably the problem
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  4. Ok so i identified the problem, it's a reccurent issue with asus motherboards, i went to the support and saw i had to touch some pins at the bottom of my motheboard while it was powering up. Everything turned on right after : cpu, fans , ram.
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  5. nice enjoy ur build;)
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