Computer wont post anymore

A few days ago I built a new pc with these specs:

Ryzen 3 1200(which I overclocked to 3.8ghz following this

tutorial. Temperatures were fine, it reached around 55 degrees with AIDA64 benchmark.

Stock Ryzen cooler (wraith stealth)

Gainward GTX 1050ti

ASROCK AB350M pro4

CX450 (grey) Corsair

2x4gb G.Skill 2400mhz

The first few days everything worked fine, I could play games without any crashes or shutdowns. Today though, after I came back from school, I noticed that my monitor didn't receive signal and there were no beeps(not even the short beep when it was actually working) but the fans were all spinning. These are the things I tried:

I tried putting in my old GPU(Radeon HD 4650)

I put my new GPU in my old pc(it worked, so its not a GPU problem)

Took everything out and put everything back in

Tested it outside the case

Put new psu in old computer(also worked, so its not a PSU problem)

restarted the CMOS and took the CMOS battery out for 1 hour

Put the ram in each slot on the motherboard

Booting up without RAM(I could hear 3 long beeps)

Botting up with only the RAM, GPU and CPU.

Changing GPU cables(tried VGA with the old gpu, DP and HDMI with new GPU)

Made sure they 8 pin cpu power connector was plugged in right.

Tested another monitor

Checked, double checked and triple checked all the connections on the motherboard

I really dont understand why it stopped working all of a sudden, I believe that the problem comes from either the motherboard or the CPU.
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