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Hey guys!
This morning, i overclocked my CPU to 3,5 GHz using only multiplier. Before it was overclocked to 3,4 GHz and it wasn't crashing at all (It was up whole day). Now i decided to push it a little bit more to 3,5 GHz without voltages. Im using 880GM UD2H (rev 1,3) and i heard that people don't really recommend it for overclocking (Yet some were able to push their CPU's with OC 24/7). Now, i want to be 100% sure that im safe for now, cuz im planing in 5-6 months to change to Athlon 950/970. Here are some pictures :
| | |
I also tested RAM which is clocked now from 1333MHz to 1500 - ish with Windows Memory Diagnostic and it didn't report any error.
Is this safe? It's only going to be used for 10 hours (more/less) long game sesions, not 24/7.
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    Considering the board is only 4+1 power phases and has no heat sinks on the VRMs, you are OC'ing at your own risk. Fortunately, the board is good quality, so that may help... for awhile at least. 1.5V is the AMD-approved max voltage for that line of CPUs. Of course, that pertains to brand new, never abused CPUs.
    If you can get a stable OC w/o increasing voltage, it will make a difference in the longevity of the motherboard.

    Watch temps when stress testing. If they stay under 71C (except for an occasional spike), they should be fine.

    Btw, you said you were in OC'ing using only the multiplier. I presume you meant you were increasing the base clock as shown in your picture, since the Athlon II X4 640 has a locked multiplier. It can only go down, not up.
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