Motherboard beep sound coming from the speakers.

So my motherboard is gygabite h81m-s1 ,brand american megatrends inc...
I hear one short beeping sound when computer is on and being used , it appears only once or twise a day.I found out it means memory error, is this right?And what should I do about it?Also not to forget to tell you I heard one longer beep before (louder) like 2-3 times, I think it was because cpu temperature , I checked and it was too high , that's fixed , but since then I started hearing this short beep , now like 6-7 times already.
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  1. Your system won't boot if it's the Ram error.You use any temp monitor software for CPU temp like real temp or core temp ?
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  2. I use real temp , it's on 45 degree idle , also cpu , is not necesaru high when I hear the sound.
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