Stuttering in games

My pc is a
Gtx 1080
I5 6600 non k
Single 8gb ddr4 ram 2133mhz
£30 ace 850w pay
Msi m3 motherboard
Windows 10

I get about 80fps on 1080p medium to high settings in bf1 and all over games are similar they just run like crap what would be the problem
And also I do have a problem with 100% disc also 95% ram usage too all my temps are very good when i try bench mark my gpu us shoes some red pixel problem or something and my pc runs really slow and laggy when even opening simple files how can I f8x theses issues?
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    Did you try a virus scan?
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  2. Shektron said:
    Did you try a virus scan?
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  3. What virus scan should I use?
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  4. You need to double your ram.
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    ^Use this one, it detects most viruses.
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