Trying to build a gaming pc. Need help!

I've wanted to build a gaming pc for a while, and now that I have the chance I really would like some help with finding a cpu and motherboard that will get the best performance for the price. My budget is around £350 and I was thinking of getting an intel i5 7500 cpu and a gigabyte z270pd3 motherboard, I'm really not sure if there is something better at my budget but any help is appreciated. Thanks. Anthony.
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  1. Have u checked the pricing of rysen 5 1600 processor and a350 Mobo in ur location?
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  2. I have looked at the ryzen 5 and it seemed like a good choice. What about the crosshair vi hero as a motherboard
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    Any b350 mobo will do np .like MSI b350 gaming pro
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  4. Ah thank you, looks like I found something pretty decent. Thanks for the help.
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