Ryzen build on MSI B350 PC MATE won't POST

I have experience building PCs and since I only swapped out my old mobo for the new one loaded with the board, CPU, cooler and RAM which I had assembled outside the case, I can't have missed any cables. I used my old DDR4-2133 since I'm waiting for my new RAM. It is supported and I made sure to put it in the correct way as per the manual.

Now the red debug LED next to the mobo power connector is on. Not sure what that means. According to the manual it just says it'll be on if there's an issue with either CPU, RAM, VGA or BOOT but it doesn't specify any color.

The R5 1600X is compatible. I made sure to drop it in carefully with the correct orientation.

First thing I did was unplug the PSU and then removed RAM, blew on it and put it back in.

The problem persists. Everything seems fine, all fans are running, all LEDs are on. The monitor gets a signal but doesn't display anything.

What should I do next?

EDIT: Got into BIOS. Had to remove the USB stick with the new BIOS on it LOL!
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