Upgrade help! A rig that can last 2-3 years, i7 7700k + GTX1070

Hello everyone. I'm looking foward to do a upgrade on rig:
h97m gaming 3

Since I don't know very much about build PC to this gen (friends of mine helped me buy the one I have), i'd like to have you guys opionion!

I only use my PC to gaming so, I was looking foward to play BF1 without FPS drop and of course, a rig that can sustain itself for the next 2-3 years if its possible to run the new games smoothly (1080p).

I was thinking on this VGA and CPU:


Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake

Thanks a lot!
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  1. As far as the GPU ,just get the lowest priced card you could get if the price diff is too much .All the GPUs uses the same components may be top of the line cards vary in power circuitary and a bit over clock. but that doesn't matter ,you can easily oc those GPUs. Gtx 1070 is perfect for 1080p gaming for few years.And Intels coffeelake processors releasing on Oct 5 .So wait for performance reviews and decide b/w rysen 7 or i7 7700k or i7 8700k
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  2. So its better to wait for the new gen cpus?
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  3. Yeah absolutely,its just a week
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  4. There's any website trustworthy to these reviews? So I can decide if i'm going to buy the new or the old ones?

    Problem this next gen is going to be REALLY overpriced, but the older generation CPUs must have a price drop, right?
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  5. Not necessarily. I would hold on out until prices settle, if you can. The 6 core 12 threads will help (in my opinion) in the future. It also has a higher clock speed (Don't quote me on that)
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