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hi im just replacing two things, my motherboard and CPU, i understand the cpu upgrading, but is there any tips you can give for taking out my old motherboard and putting in my new one? do i even have to install windows since im using the same hard drive? I started getting into upgrading my PC about a month ago and im pretty nervous so any help would be appreciated. thank you!
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  1. its pretty straight forward. As always make a backup first then check for standoffs that might not align with a screw hole in the new motherbd.

    If you are running windows10, switch your account to a microsft account rather then the local account that's tied to the activation key which is tied to the old motherbd. This saves you from purchasing a new w10 key if the current key is tied to the old hardware. The MS account bypasses this and you can reinstall 10 on anything that will run it.

    You may or may not have to resintall, depends on how different the new hardware is. Since you have a backup already, no harm in trying.
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