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I went to power on my pc to play R6 and it turned on just like normal ...all fans spinning and gpu fans spinning also..I go to turn my monitor on and there's no signal ..and my mouse and keyboard don't work ...I tried my motherboard display also and had no luck ...I took out ram nothing ...I took out battery for 20 min nothing...I reseated my CPU nothing ...I'm at a halt on what to do my motherboard fried ??


I5 2500k
Gtx 1050 ti
8gb ddr3 rip jaws
400w evga power supply
Asus P8H61-M LE
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  1. If you know how, or still have the EVGA supplied dongle, to turn on your psu, try this:

    Disconnect only the 24 pin from the motherbd. Use the dongle or jumper the correct two pins together on the 24pin (from the psu) to turn on the psu. Let it run for 20 seconds and then remove the dongle/jumper and reconnect the 24pin to the motherbd.

    Does it start up normally now?

    Strangely this has resolved two pc's that were brought to me in the past 2 months and both were EVGA Psu's.
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