First build, Mother board or psu bad? Help!

Hi guys, I am building my first PC here is the hardware I have at the moment.

ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM Micro ATX board
Corsair LED RAM 2x8 16gb
Radeon 580 8gb
EVGA 750 BQ, 80+ BRONZE 750W (110-BQ-0750-V1 )

No CPU yet

When I plug everything in I get nothing when trying to turn it on, no lights no beeps no fans turning on nothing. I jumped the psu and just the case fans turned on. I plugged a old power supply to the board and a orange light flashed on it once and have to unplug it and wait a couple seconds to repeat the light coming on. now I plugged in the new power supply to a old computer and it powered it up.

Is this a bad psu or bad mother board or is it normal since I don't have the cpu in?
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  1. No CPU no boot and you need a cooler plugged in
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  2. RARRAF said:
    No CPU no boot and you need a cooler plugged in

    Well that's kinda of a relief to hear. the thing that confuses me is why no light flashes on the mother board with the new PSU yet with a old psu I have it flashes once?
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  3. Any other opinions? should I at least be getting a light light up on the mother board when connected to psu but no cpu installed.
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