When I hit the power nothing happens

I brought an ASUS k31ad (i3 4170, 1tb Toshiba hdd, r7 240 ( I know low end) 8gb value select 1600mhz) no psu and I don’t know that MOBO but it says - ASUS hb1m-k/k31ade/dp m8

Anyway I was playing csgo and it suddenly cut out.
Like drop dead
I had a look on yt (for a fix)
And descided to replace the thermal paste (which did nothing)
It was hot all over, and I took out the ram and gpu so it could cool down. No luck
I then put the external powerbrick in a different room to cool it down. Still doesn’t turn on.
I want to know what’s happened and if I can fix it.
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  1. Im on my phone , but try the paperclip test to see if your psu still works and reset the cmos battery .
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  2. I found out it was the power adapter, i went to my local cex and they found out that the power adpater was broken. That will detemin the burning smell
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