Whats a safe voltage for a 24/7 overclock?

Hello, I am novice overclocker and I am wondering what a safe constant voltage would be for my Ryzen 5 1600. I am currently running it at 3.9ghz at 1.425 volts, and considering I am typing means that it must be somewhat stable, though I am sure it will crash when I run cinebench after I am done posting this. Would it be safe to do a constant overclock with 1.45 volts to try and hit a stable 4 ghz, or should I just stick with my stable 3.8 overclock below 1.4 volts?

My motherboard is an MSI B350 Tomahawk, and I am using a stock cooler (going to buy an h100i in a little bit.).
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    I believe 1.45V is the generally accepted "max" for Ryzen chips, subject to sufficient cooling.,4951-4.html

    I think I read something from AMD which suggested more in the 1.35V range, but can't seem to find that now.

    Personally, I'd rather take 3.8GHz @ <1.4V, but it certainly won't hurt to find out if you can get stable @ 3.9GHz / 1.45V.
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  2. Well, 3.9 crashed at 1.45, so I don't think I can go higher. 3.9 got my hopes up, it waited till the end of the cinebench test to crash :(

    I also realised that I've been feeding my poor cpu 1.45 volts constantly because I had gome boost on :(
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  3. 1.45V isn;'t going to kill your CPU, but I assume you're seeing some pretty high temperatures with that voltage on the stock cooler?

    The stock cooler(s) generally are ok for ~1.3V, which generally nets people 3.7-3.8GHz...... sounds like you may have just got a "bad" chip IMO.
    I'm not 100% of the quality of the B350 Tomahawk for OCing..... perhaps (part of) the issue lays with the board?
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  4. Well, I guess I'll just settle for my 3.8ghz at 1.375. Also, is 55 degrees for idle good?
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  5. Also, Cinebench isn't a conclusive test to determine "stable", you'd want to use something more like Aida64 for an extended period of time (how long, everyone has different opinions on - personally I look to a minimum of an hour).

    55'C Idle seems a bit high, but not surprising given the voltage/cooling.
    Idle doesn't matter too much though, load temperatures are what matter most. After a decent stress test, what kind of temps are you seeing?
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  6. Spiked to 96, but is currently hovering around 80 in aida 64.
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  7. In under 10 minutes?
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  8. I'll leave it running for an hour and see if the temps change.
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  9. Sigh. Crashed after 14 minutes, max temp was 92... I'm uppping the voltage to see if it helps if it doesn't I am going to not even bother overclocking.
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  10. Yeah, temps will climb over time. There's really no sense upping the voltage on the stock cooler, it's not going to keep it sufficiently cool.

    I'm not 100% sure on "Safe" temps. but I believe the 'self preservation shutdown' temp on Ryzen is 90 something C.
    IIRC, it doesn't throttle the same was Intel does, but should be throttling somewhere in the low-mid 80s.
    So "safe" temps are *probably* 75-80'C or something

    *Probably*. I'm not sure, but it's certainly not in the 90s.
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  11. I've had my 8350 oc'd in the upper 4 ghz range at 1,45-ish, set on auto in bios. doing well.
    edit=for 19 months. see my other post about load amateur settings in the bios.
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  12. Man to bad. I have my 1600 at 3.8 on 1.2875 volts. Probably should test further but it survives 10 passes of Intel burn test with a max if 73 under full load with a simple cooler master vortex plus cooler.
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  13. Hey man I think your voltage might be a bit to high I am currently running mine at 3850mhz at 1.275V and I have passed every stability test. I know not all silicone was created equal but I suggest maybe trying to try running 3.8 at around 1.35V and try and work your Volts down until you are no longer stable. Also if your cpu is going over 80C you could possibly be reducing its life try and shoot for around 75C under load and you will not cause any harm to the cpu
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