B350M Bazooka + Ryzen 3 1200 won't post

Hi guys, I just bought a new motherboard and CPU, but they don't seem to work.
I don't get any output on the screen, (gtx 770), and without the RAM, it doesn't beep either... I heard that I may need to flash my bios, but I don't have access to the bios, or any other Ryzen CPU that is supported.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. It should at least POST even with an old BIOS. I just assembled a Ryzen3-1200/GTX 1050 Ti budget build myself. The BIOS was pre-Ryzen 3, and it still posed and worked fine.
    Are you giving it long enough to come to life? I noticed on mine, the first power-up took a long time. I was about ready to call it a fail, when it finally came to life. After that, all reboots were normal. Of course I went ahead an updated the BIOS afterwards.

    For further suggestions, please list the rest of the system specs. And be sure you didn't do something dumb like plug the video into the motherboard ports instead of the gfx card. Or forget to plug in the 6/8-pin connector to the gfx card.
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  2. I've checked the manual, and the DRAM and CPU LED's are lid... Indicating that it can't find any RAM and CPU, but I definitely installed the RAM and CPU correctly, I even removed them both and put them back in place, still the same result. Should I wait? Wait for it to post? It has been about 2-3 mins now, and still nothing...
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  3. Might need to take the board out of the case and try it breadboard style... lay the board on an insulated surface and connect just the CPU/cooler, one stick RAM in first slot, gfx card, monitor, PSU. Start the system by momentarily shorting the two pins that the power button wires would hook onto. See if there is a display. If no joy, it would lead one to believe the board is DOA or your PSU can't handle the 230W GTX 770.
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  4. Had the exact same problem with the exact same motherboard. First, make sure your hdmi cable is connected to the gpu. Second, turn off your pc and open it up. Take the ram out, and reseat 1 stick into the second slot, which should be the one farthest from the cpu socket. Make sure the ram is fully in, a millimeter off and it might not work. Then grab a screwdriver and clear the CMOS, hold it for 30s as it sometimes takes a while. Then you can boot into bios or an usb when prompted.
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