buzz not beep emiting from mb speaker

Have an old Dell Optiplex 380. Replaced everything but the motherboard. Put a SATA hd from WD with 320GB. Installed windows 7 starter then upgraded to windows 7 home premium 32bit version, because the 64 bit version would not install from 7 starter. I did not put much on it because the purpose of this box was to watch TV through. After installing netflix, hulu and all the regular stations via their websites, I ran the machine several times. Confident it was ready I moved it to the living room and hooked it to our 65 inch Samsung TV. Once I was sure all the hook ups were right I turned it on. Up pops Slackware logo, doh! Forgot secondary hd I had also put in it. So I shut it down and just to make sure it wouldn't happen again, I pulled the Slackware hd from the machine. After reconnecting to the TV, nothing. SO I brought it back to the shop plugged everything up and the box comes to life, but there is a series of 6 buzzes, not beeps like post, distinct buzz sounds from the cylindrical mobo speaker and nothing on screen no matter what I do. Any ideas?
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