Which game should i buy?

I played Destiny 2 beta and i really like it.
At the moment, im playing COD WW2 beta and i also really enjoy it.
Which game should i pre-order? (cant preorder the 2 of them lol)
Ill probably end up buying the 2nd one anyway, but at a later stage, like after christmas or something. What do you guys think?
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  1. Well this is a very subjective question, call of duty and destiny are very different games. I can only tell you what I would personally rather have and that is destiny 2. I have totally lost any interest in the COD games and i'm sure I would get more play time and value out of destiny 2, but that's just me.
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  2. ^+1
    COD player counts plummet immediately after launch, they always do. So you have maybe 3-6 months of prime time playing before it gets bad.
    Destiny 2 seems to be retaining players quite well, and seems to have more content.

    Now COD and Destiny are very different, I personally gave up on COD long ago.
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  3. Yeah good point, I haven't played a COD game since like MW3 when I only had a console. I hadn't thought about the PC player base of COD, i'm sure it's nowhere near what it is on console.
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  4. Haven't played cod since MW3 and BO as well. Ended up moving to BF3 and BF"1".

    If I had to choose I would take destiny. I don't want to deal with rage in cod or similar games.

    Do you not have friends who have similar interests? Get their opinions as well. Maybe convince them to join you.
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  5. +1 to destiny 2
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