Motherboard x GTX 550 Ti compatibility

I have this very (very) old build that i use for studying and playing only CS:GO, a game that i am addicted to, since i sold my gaming pc. And it holds fine, ~150 fps.

The problem is: I think my PSU is dying, sometimes when i turn it on it gives me this loud strange spinning noise, almost like a car engine then it gradually stops. My GPU is also old and it's just not doing it anymore. I was thinking about replacing my PSU with a 400w one and using a GTX 550Ti i have laying around and i don't know if my motherboard will accept it.

Here is my setup:

CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.50Ghz
Motherboard: POS-EIH61CE
RAM: 2x DDR3 3GB Memory
GPU: Nvidia GT 440 1GB

Can anyone help me? I'm gonna buy the components on the internet and don't want to waste money on something not compatible with my specs. Don't want to get rid of this one entirely also.
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