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So I recently installed my mono into a new case, when installing the sata cables I think I put a little too much pressure on it and the connecter came loose. None of my 3 drives plugged in will show up in bios and I've tried multiple Sata cables and I can hear the drives spinning
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  1. The only thing you could do here is try different SATA ports to see if any of them work at all, perhaps try only one or two drives first instead of plugging them all in.
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  2. Sata cables are cheap, just buy some.
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  3. Have tried 6 different cables from the same drive to 6 different ports on the mobo, I think it's just the mobo ports
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  4. Also tried it with 2 other drives hooked up by their selfsame and nothing workrf
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    Sorry to say this, but your motherboard is probably damaged then. If possible, try to run at least one of the storage drives on a different computer, just to make sure that it's not the storage devices that are bad. If they work on a different PC, you'll be looking at a motherboard replacement :').
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