Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L compatibility

I have a Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L motherboard on an old computer i would like to upgrade.
Its relatively an old motherboard and by what i read online i could not understand if i need to change it or not- i would like to get a gtx 750 ti on it and an intel i5 processor.
i did not understand if it will hold those(every time i read somthing it contridits somthing else)
how can i know if its compatible?

If it is to old and i have to replace it, i thought about a GIGABYTE GA-A320M-HD2 and ryzen 3 1200. any toughts on that?
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  1. No you will not be able to install an i5 CPU on that motherboard. You can view your list of compatible CPUs here:

    Realistically the best you can get is a Core 2 Quad Q9650

    It does have the appropriate PCIe x16 slot for the GPU however, you just need to make sure you have the adequate BIOS (some older boards can potentially have difficulty with new architectures), and the adequate PSU to suit.

    The A320M however will support the Ryzen and the GPU.
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