Workstation Motherboard has unknown power connectors

I picked up a Thinkstation S20 motherboard recently and i noticed it has an extra 12v AUX connector along with what i think is a 10 pin CPU power connector and a standard 24 pin motherboard power connector. Problem is, i am trying to power this with a normal consumer power supply as i cant find a OEM psu to go with this motherboard. Anyone has experience powering this motherboard or know what to plug in? Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. Here are more pictures and the other parts i am going to use:
    Xeon E5620
    2gb Kingston DDR3 (for now)
    Nvidia GT 610 for testing (Planning to use a GTX 750ti)

    I have a cooler master 460w power supply , but im not sure if it will be suitable.


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