My computer keeps giving me the blue screen after replacing motherboard/processor

I just got a new motherboard and processor. My new processor is an i7 7700k, which replaced my AMD fx 8370. My new motherboard is the MSI z270. I’m not sure what my old one was. I uninstalled my AMD components and I got the cd from the box that my new motherboard was shipped in. When I was downloading the drivers, everything started working great. Then it asked me to restart my computer to complete the changes. I restarted it, and soon after, I got the blue screen of death. This happens after my motherboard image comes up, usually during the windows logo startup. This only happened after I got my new cpu and motherboard. I don’t know what the problem could be. It’s a kaby lake processor and many people say that it does not support windows 7. And my hard drive it really old as well. It’s still the stock processor from whenever I first bought the computer back in 2014. I just don’t know what to do. Can anyone give me any advice? By the way, my graphics card is a gtx 1060 6 gb, I have 16 gb ram, and my power supply is a 750 watt.
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  1. Since you changed motherboards, you will have to do a clean OS install to get rid of the blue screens.
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  2. FX-8370 -> i7-7700k = clean install of the OS.
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  3. How do I do this from my BIOS? Do I need my windows 7 cd to do it?
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  4. MSI z270 needs 6th Gen CPU for Windows 7. Newer Gen7 CPU does not support Windows older than Windows 10.
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  5. So how would I fix this issue by updating to windows 10? Can I get windows 10 on a flash drive and download it before my computer even starts up? Because right now, the only thing I can really do is go into my BIOS and change my CPU settings and whatnot. I’m sorry, I’m not the best at this but I really do want to find out how to get my pc running. I’m excited to try out my new hardware. Also a side note, if I have to completely wipe out my computer to get this to work, that’s fine. I’d rather restart than to not be able to get on it at all
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