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How Can I Reset My Bios's Password via Jumper (or somehow)

Hey, I have Intel H61 chipset mobo. When i was kid i was playing so many games in a day. (like 4-5 hours). Then my parents put a password. I somehow (i dont even know) went to BIOS and i randomly enter a section that is about PASSWORD. I didn't know it was BIOS's password. I clicked and randomly typed a password and i off course failed "mr roboting" . After so many years i have the same mobo without some parts. I have a old HDD. I'd like to upgrade it to a SSD and i want to install Windows 10 again for no issue but now i sadly can't do it. I searched on internet and i found a solution doesn't work for me. My motherboard has"jumper". It is for both clearing cmos and clearing bios password. I opened up my case and i did what is written on its page. It didn't work for me.

1- I shut down my PC.
2- Put that jumper to 4-6 from 2-4.
(Waited 10 seconds)
3- And put it back to 2-4.
4- Open the pc.

And it didn't work. What should i do? "Clear CMOS and Clear Password" is written up of that jumper.

My Motherboard's Link: (There is a text about jumper settings.)

What should i do?
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    No one here can or will help you with bypassing a password, if you set it, you should know it. If not, ask the person who owns it.
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