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My computer had been running fine for a few months and randomly quit one day. The display on the motherboard does nothing now. Would that be motherboard death? Gpus fans, cpu fan, drives all fire off or at least try for a burst. But the motherboard itself, the display, it won't illuminate and the pc isn't booting, lights come on but no one's home....
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  1. This actually sounds like a power supply issue. Please list all components (make/model) used in this system.
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  2. Gigabyte GA 990 g1 gaming motherboard
    Vishera 8350 cpu
    16gb gskill ram
    Evga 1000w psu
    2-gtx 970s
    2 Samsung Sshds
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  3. Remove one of the GTX 970s and try again.
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  4. I've swapped RAM and gpus and reseated everything....i'm thinking the board is just dead since the MB code display doesn't even illuminate anymore...
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  5. Agreed. Either mobo or PSU. Even good ones (of each device) can and do fail. To verify, you could swap the PSU to isolate the problem. Do you have access to another PSU?
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