raspberry pi zero measure maximum ampere on 3v pins?

Gpio pin 1 and pin 17 provides 3v. If I have a multimeter, can I measure top ampere on gpio pin 1 and pin 17?
Psu is 5v and 2a. Thanks.
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  1. What are you trying to drive with those pins? I=V/R, if you know the resistance of whatever you're connecting to those pins you can calculate the current pretty easily.

    Yes, you can measure the current with a multimeter. Just make sure to connect it in series with whatever load you have on those pins not in parallel, otherwise you'll just short the GPIO output.

    Edit: Did you mean the max current the GPIO is capable of providing? If so, then as said below, a google search tells me it's 16 mA per pin, with a max of 50 mA total for all pins.
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  2. No, a multimeter isn't sufficient, you need a load also. But a google search will provide you reference info if you google "gpio amperage" ... 16ma is the answer, I believe with a limitation on the total number of GPIO pins that can have that amount of current.
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  3. Thanks. I wanted to flash a flashrom. I was told, the flashrom requires more than 0.4a current while being flashed. If 0.016a is maximum, then the raspberry pi cannot power supply the flashrom. Using an atx power supply is an option. Though I do not know if that is to much current.
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