Ryzen Master Utility or BIOS For Overclocking?

Title says it all,

CPU - R3 1200
Mobo - B350-F ROG STRIX
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  1. Between the 2 (if by BIOS you mean some OC genie provided by MB), Ryzen Master. However, manual is the only good way to OC. You can start with Ryzen Master, and manually tune afterwards in BIOS. Goal is to achieve desirable Hz with lowest voltage while stable.
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    BIOS OC'ing is always more accurate/granular, and would be my recommendation.

    Saying that, using software can give you a very loose, general idea of what you can expect - they do tend to overvolt in my experience though.

    For example, if Ryzen Master suggests 3.9GHz @ 1.35v (hypothetically), you can usually expect to achieve the same clock speeds with a little lesser voltage, with some fine-tuning.
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