Should I upgrade my motherboard.

Hi, about a year ago I built my first pc. I didn't have any money to spare with that build. And I saved some money on the motherboard. Now I have some money to spare and I wondered if it was worth upgrading my motherboard. I have no problems with it right now but maybe it could have some benefits. Btw I only use my pc for gaming and some light school work. Any tips are welcome! Thank you!

My build is:

-Motherboard: Gigabyte H10M-S2H
-GPU: Radeon RX 470 4gb
-CPU: Intel core i5-6400
-PS: Cooler Master B500 version 2
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    Mostly the only need to upgrade MB is due to extra features new board can offer. For example, you want to OC, but you have a locked CPU. If you want to SLI 2 GPUs, etc. If you are happy with its functionality, no need to upgrade MB, waste of money.
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  2. Extra money can be spent on PSU, the one you have is not very good :)
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