PC is failing to display to monitor after moving house

Prior to moving my PC to university ran fine now
PC powers up fine everything appears to run (all fans spin stuff lights up on the motherboard)
however nothing is is displayed and when i tried removing RAM no motherboard bleeps
solutions tried all ready
Reseating all parts and checking connections
Resetting CMOS
Msi 970 motherboard
Nvidia gtx 660 graphics card connected to monitor with an HDMI cabale
AMD 8 core processor
8gb of Ram
tx650m corsair power supply
Would appreciate any help thanks
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  1. Check the power on your monitor and also try another monitor. If its not your monitor then check your video card again. If it comes down to that the 1050ti would be a good upgrade. its about 20% faster plus its the fastest video card I would suggest for the old AMD CPU's.
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