What mini pc barebone brand is compatible with a harddrive and samsung m.2 ssd evo960 nvme?

Previously asked about incompatibility issue for the ssd card mentioned in the title. I just decided to get another barebone gaming mini pc that will be compatible with the Samsung m.2 evo960 nvme ssd and a harddrive. This time I'm afraid to get buying before making 100% sure that it will have the right slot for the card which i already have. I need suggestions. Thank you very much
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    Not sure what you mean by barebones, you want to just get separate parts or a full kit pre-built just without an OS or some other parts? Newegg makes combo deals

    There are tons of motherboards with m.2 slots on them. Need to list your budget and what you are looking for in the system, motherboards can go from $50 up to 200 range.
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