PC starts and shutdowns in 2sec

Hello guys
I have a pc that isnt mine but my cousin (I meantion this cause I dont know what type of motherboard it has, I open the case etc but no name just serial code). When I turn it on it shuts down in 2 sec and no display in monitor (another thing to mention is that the mouse lights up) when I start it for the second time no sign of the mouse light and the pc start but no display in monitor. It just start the fans, and looks normal but not sign at all in monitor mouse or keyboard

Ram 2giga
hdd 75giga
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  1. when i've seen this happen, it's usually either the motherboard is bad, or the power supply is bad. I think the CPU is fine because if the problem were the CPU, it wouldn't be shutting off after 2 seconds.

    Try this: Take a flashlight and look at the top of all the capacitors you can see, are any of them 'bulging' on top? (getting fat, no longer flat on the end)
    this would be an easy-to-tell Definitive sign, but they can still be bad without showing physical signs.

    Edit: here's a pretty good example of Bulging capacitors: https://www.eventsentry.com/blog/Bad.jpg
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