New GTX 1050 TI OC by Zotac Working On My Old Pc With PciE gen 1 But Not on PciE Gen 2

I Recently Bought a Zotac Gtx 1050 Ti Oc...... So I Plugged it In on my Pc With MoBo-ECS H61H2-MV.... With PciE Gen 2..... The Monitor Didnt Displayed anything But also It didnt Say No Display.....
I Tried This Same Card with my Years Old Pc With Gen 1 Pcie And It Worked at the First Time......
What could be the Problem.... Is My New Mobo Not Provinding Enough power To the card by Its PCIE gen 2 bus.... Or Something Wrong with the slot
Also The New Mobo Runs GT-610 very easily
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  1. Try disabling the onboard graphics (in BIOS) on the ECS. Then switch the cable to the discrete card after reboot.
    Also what's your power supply model?
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  2. Its Zebronics 450 watts
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  3. Also There are No Onboard Graphics Settings.... Not Even PCI settings
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