Motherboard and PSU connection

Hello,i could like to ask if this
PSu :
can connect with this motherboard :
And if it can if you can give me some kind of guide.I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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  1. Yes, it is a standard compliant motherboard, with a standard ATX compliant PSU. Virtually all PSUs are ATX compliant, so they will have the same basic connections. The issue only arrives if you have a proprietary motherboard and PSU (which you won't really be able to purchase as stand alone items).

    Quite simply, mount your PSU in the appropriate allocated space in your case, ideally with the PSU fan facing OUT of the case (if you have the appropriate vent in your case wall). Plug your 24pin connection into your motherboard, your CPU power into the motherboard, and then any other components.

    Refer to this guide for details:,2601-12.html
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  2. Yeah it's fine but what are the rest of ur components like CPU and GPU ?
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