Long term liquid coolant storage?

Hello everyone, I was getting ready for the coming months to really dip my feet into the custom loop cooling market and I found the kit that I want to buy as well as the fluid. They are listed right below

- EKWB EK Fluid Gaming A240 Complete Dual 120mm Water / Liquid Cooling Kit 240mm
link --

- EK-CryoFuel Blood Red Premix 900 mL
link --

My main question right now is; If I say were to buy one bottle, and use maybe a little over half (maybe not even), then 6 months down the line can I use the left overs in the bottle or does it solidify over time? Any helpful information would be wonderful.

Side Notes and Additional Questions
Since I'm new, any information would be very helpful. I plan to pair this with my current CPU, an R7 1700 and try and squeeze more performance by overclocking. Right now I've only managed a measly 3.69 Ghz and I want to keep temps under 50 C at best case. Is this a good kit to use/pair with this processor for overclocking, or is there a better option out there that would be better suited?
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    you will get same or better results with half priced air cooler like noctua NH-D15.
    the coolant have about 2 years shelf life. so you can keep the remaining for future use.
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  2. The kit should work fine for the CPU. Ryzen isn't exactly a hot CPU do to limitations on frequency around 4Ghz and voltage wall. However, in my opinion, I feel a 240mm cooling setup isn't really worth the effort budget wise for custom liquid unless a small formfactor is the goal. I was testing my Ryzen 7 1700 using a Dark Rock TF air cooler, and it's nearly whisper quiet on an open test bench. This was OC'd to 3.85Ghz using 1.37v.
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  3. Thank you both!
    @1LiquidPC I didn't really fair well in the silicon lottery and I can't even get to 4Ghz on 1.35 Vcore. I had serious instability so I left it at an strange awkward number of 3.693 GHz at 1.26 Vcore, and it seems to fair well with my GTX 1080. I will definitely reference your information as it is pretty helpful. :)
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  4. Glad to help. For reference, my 1700 will boot at 4Ghz at 1.4v, but Cinebench crashes PC instantly with black screen. 3.95Ghz at same voltage has same result. I lowered voltage to where I'm at now which wasn't quite enough for 3.9ghz stable in certain stresstests, so I settled with 3.85Ghz. I don't feel the added voltage and extra CPU degradation from it is worth at most 150Mhz. I'll likely look into Pinnacle Ridge in Feb. 2018. On a side note, it's a great CPU cooler, but way overkill for this chip.
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  5. 1.4v is what seems to be required.
    but be careful with overclocking if you have B350 board. they have kinda crappy VRM for 1.4v at 4.0GHz
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