My first pc is completely broken please help me

So i decided to make a new gaming pc. Im not that rich so i built a pc in my price range (i5 7600k, msi pro 270 mobo, gtx 1060 and 16 gigs of ram) it took forever to order my 120 gb ssd from amazon because they lost my first order but it finally got here. I plugged everything it and turned it on and istalled windows 10. Seemed fine till i looked at my internet. For whatever reason i could not verify the ip address of my ethernet. I tried like 10 different things and none of them worked. Finally i wanted to re install windows. I used my usb boot drive to load the windows installer and when it asked what drive to put it on i did the stupidest thing in the world. I deleted one of the partitions that held tge old windows stuff. Now i cant install windows onto the main partition. I went to my friends house to try and re format my ssd and we tried for like 2 hours and whenever we tried to install windows onto the ssd it said something like "windows cannot be installed on drive 0 because it is of the gpd (i dont remeber the actual word but it was something likd gpd) type" now im basically the most stuck person in the world. How can i fix my ssd and computer. Do i have to buy a new ssd or can i fix it? Please help me im only 15 and i spent all my money on this computer.
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