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So I just got my Asus x99 a ii back from RMA and they just sent me back a new board with nothing else..including a qconnector. I'm really happy about that.

But anyways, I'm trying to read this diagram on connecting the case panel stuff (I have a corsair 760t) and I'm stuck on the power and reset switch because it's not labeled easily like the led + and - nor do they have color coding that i recognize (red for hot white for negative im a real noob).

Here is the guide

(PAGE 43)

I See where to connect the power and reset switch but I cannot figure out what direction for ground or whatever. The power switch has a orange and yellow wire and the reset switch has a purple and brown wire. So would like help on what to do. (I really don't want to fry my motherboard or something, if that's even possible by missconnecting this stuff).
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    Only the LEDs (PWR and HDD) need to have the correct orientation on positive (+) and negative (-) terminals for the LED to work.

    The switches (PWR and RESET) does not matter as to which orientation they are connected (as long as they are connected to the correct pins), because, as a switch, it merely connects and disconnects the circuitry. In short, they can go either way.
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