BSOD for memory management and now wont post with code 04

Last night I encountered a BSOD for memory management issues. After the dump, my PC wouldn't POST and would stall on 04 (maybe D4). Attempted a CMOS reset to no avail as well as moving the ram around and only using one stick. After a night of it being unplugged, I attempted to boot and it made it to the Windows 10 loading screen where it hung for an hour. After killing the power and restarting I was able to boot to bios where it showed the one stick of ram still installed correctly. Now I cannot get it to POST at all and it is still hanging at 04.
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  1. 04 is a problem related to the memory.
    Reseat both the memory and CPU, then reseat the CMOS battery. Boot into the BIOS when all reseating is done and then proceed to Windows, if the error 04 continues test each stick separately in different slots.
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  2. Attempted reseating cpu and resetting CMOS then tried each stick individually in every slot. Got it to the windows loading screen once where it stayed for 2 hours.
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