PC turns itself on after shutdown (Asus Z87-K)

Hi, I have already tried lots of things and can confirm it isn't software related, I tried almost all online solutions and everything with the Microsoft support (even reinstralled Windows 10). This problem shows up even when I use Linux. The problem is most likely my mobo, an ASUS Z87-K, which is known to have this problem (http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1731896/desktop-turns-shutdown-windows.html). However mine isn't the Pro version, I don't have an integrated wi-fi module and I don't have the Erp option in the bios, so it can't be that. I also don't have Asus Suite 3 installed (known to cause the problem). Oh, I also already tried to boot without any device connected, still no luck. Please help.
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  1. Try holding down shift when you click shutdown. This will bypass the hyrbid shutdown and give you a full shutdown. The hybrid shutdown is part of the fastboot process so your pc will take a normal length of time to boot up if fastboot was even working for you.
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  2. The problem was the 2032 battery installed on the MB. I changed it and now it works fine!
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