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I bought a new motherboard a while back and I finally got all the pieces together and I put it together two days ago and ever since I got all the pieces in it's been showing it's been going through all the q codes and then it stops on B2 and then goes to 99 anyone could suggest things to do I would need some help I've already tried checking all the plugs putting the thing back together just some more info would be helpful thank you I've looked in most of the other form posts about the Q code 99 but none of them seem to help is my motherboard just dead or what

Maximum viii hero
Gtx 1070
Evga supernova 850 g2
Ripjaws v dder4 16 g 2 sticks
SanDisk 480g ssd
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  1. Quick update whenever I now put in my graphics card to get error code B6 and then it goes to 99 and doesn't boot whenever I take it out it goes to B2 and then 99 and does boot
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