Main differences between zotac gtx 1070 mini vs zotac gtx 1070 amp?

I was wondering what actually makes them different, i understand the fan amount but does it have any major or minor affect on performance, heat and OCing even though it has 2 fans
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  1. Well the Mini is smaller, the heatsink has less surface area and less airflow and therefore can't cool as well. It's still probably better than a reference cooler if you have a case with good airflow, but if that's your situation then you don't really need the mini in the first place. The AMP also probably has a better power delivery system (VRMs) and possibly a higher binned GPU. The AMP should overclock better and stay cooler, but the mini is still a GTX 1080 and plenty fast.
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    OC'ing is dependent per card. You can have two identical cards. One may overclock and the other may not. I had two identical 8800GTS 512 cards back in the day (same make, model and BIOS). I couldn't overclock one at all and the other would overclock very well.

    Usually most people look for the mini cards to run in mATX case builds. You shouldn't experience any real difference between the cards, other then maybe how well one may cool over the other.
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