Asus B85M-G power phases enough, no overclocking

I have an Asus B85M-G motherboard, and an i7-4790 (non-K), and after doing some research I found that the Asus B85M-G has 3 power phases (VRMs). I am using this pc for gaming, but do not plan on overclocking, will 3 power phases of the B85M-G be enough to supply the cpu with the power it needs? Are the higher power phase designs (4+1 etc) only meant for overclocking?

Thank you for any help and clarification in advance.
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  1. That board will run the 4790 just fine don't stress it your fine with what you have.
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  2. Thank you for such a fast reply Zerk2012. So even if I am recording gameplay with x264 (using the CPU, hitting around 70-80% cpu usage), the board can handle that without throttling the cpu? (due to heat from the power phases/not enough power from the power phases)

    So what would the advantages in having more power phases be for non-overclockers?
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    Thats just a 84 watt processor you can run it 100% 24/7 if you wish.
    No overclocking adding more phases don't matter.
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  4. Thank you for your help and prompt replies Zerk2012 :)
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