Probably motherboard is died.

So it all started with getting bsod. Then after 2 and half months not using computer my computer didn,t turned on. Made cmos clear and took mobo battery off and put back and got it back working. Then always when i first turn display on and then computer then it didn't turned on and had to make cmos clear and battery thing again. But if i turn first computer and then display on then it will work nice. And now at the middle of watching a video my computer randomly shut down and won't turn on. Then i took main supply wire off and hold power button for 30secs. Put wire back on and tried to start computer. It turned on for a second and then there came out little bit of smoke and it shut down. Then took side panel off and tried to start again to see where did the smoke exactly came. Not 100% sure but it came somewhere around motherboard. It could have been psu too but with all of these problems before i'm sure motherboard is dead. Then made cmos clear and battery thing again and got computer normally to turn on. Plus my cpu and motherboard temps are 30-50 celsius only.

PC specs:

proccesor AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7
graphics card AMD Radeon R7
memory DDR3 8GB

I just wanna know is it really motherboard what i have to buy new one.
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  1. which motherboard is it?

    most probably it´s the power supply, which one is it? brand and model please
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  2. It is asus A68BM-A/M32BF/DP_MB
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  3. PSU is AcBel PCA022-ZA6G
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  4. So now im sure that motherboard is died because i took a look around where did the smoke came and saw some black little boxes what have many (legs) and two of these had like some bubbles in them so these are probably burnt down while every other black box with legs doesnt have bubbles in them. Now i have new motherboard ordered and wait for it to arrive.
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  5. ok got now computer working but the old wif/lan thing doesnt fit with new one and now i cant use wifi. do i have to buy new wifi lan thing that fits in new motherboard
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  6. Which one is it?

    if it doesn´t fit, most probably you will have to buy a new one that fits.
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  7. bought usb thing what i can use to connect to wifi
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