im having an severe boot issue with my Gigabyte GA-78lmt usb3 rev.6.0 motherboard and i cant boot into a usb drive or my HDD

Hello I had a problem with an Gigabyte GA-78lmt usb3 rev.6.0 motherboard paired with a fx 6300.On my past birthday my mother gave me sub 200 dollars to help jump start my upgrade to my current pc an a8 6600k and the problems i had was with the gigabyte motherboard. anything i tried to do i could not boot into my flash drive which contained installation of windows 10 also i could not boot into my less than a year old hard drive that already had windows on it. i could not find any boot options in the motherboard itself like csm the only thing i could find was usb legacy support. now i have q-flashed to the latest version reset my cmos setting tried my usb in Fat32 and NTSF format to no avail but when i use my old build which btw has a gtx 1050 ti and 8 GB of ram i can completely boot into my drive I also bought an ssd and i was able to boot into my usb from the asrock motherboard and install windows onto it. are they're any solutions like i want to be able to play bf1 with my friend but my cpu severely bottlenecks me and i cant really do shit. would an a10 apu paired with my gpu be worth it or should i try to find another motherboard thats slightly newer and has a better bios?

also in the asrock motherboard i get complete boot options like csm and legacy support options where as the gigabyte board gives me jack shit in terms of options
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  1. Which motherboard and CPU are you currently using in your new build? The 6300 and the gigabyte?

    the 6600k is not as powerful as the 6300.
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