Does motherboard chipset has any role in gaming performance?

So here goes my confusion. I own an AMD A10 7850K APU (FM2+) Now the thing is motherboard of chipset A68 and A88x supports this processor. Only the difference is A88 chipset motherboards are costly. I know the A88 mobo has advantages like SSD PORT, USB 3.0, OC Capabilities. But i am least interested in all this as my pc is a basic gaming pc with GTX 1050 2gb and 8gb Hyper x ram ddr 3

So i want to save some bucks and go for the A68 mobo which is almost $50 less priced than the A88 mobo. So will there be any perfromance issue except that i wont be able to OC or Install SSD?

PS: THE A68 board is ASUS A68HM-K
and A88x board is Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM
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  1. Someone please clear my doubt.
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    You'll be perfectly all right with the A68 mobo, since you don't plan to overclock.
    The chipset has no to very little effect on gaming performance.

    And of course you can use an SSD with the A68 ... just use any of the 4 provided SATA3 ports, same as you'd use for a regular HDD.

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  3. Thank you for the valuable information. ;)
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  4. You're welcome, have fun with your build.
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