Motherboard needs a bios update for kabylake but have no skylake to boot it up

so i bought a g4600 and it came in today and i have a b150m-c d3 motherboard and i found out that it needs a skylake to be updated, and i dont think flash without a cpu works for it, so is it possible to install the bios update for the mobo onto my hdd i have and when i install the new mobo it’ll actually boot and stuff since it should be compatible right? its not a new build or anything just the cpu and motherboard for right now. atm i’m using s friends mobo and cpu rhat all works so i could download the bios update for my mobo and it possibly could work? if anyone can help me and let me know that would be so great, and ask questions if my question didn’t make sense, thank you!
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  1. No, since the BIOS update requires a properly functioning CPU to actually initialize.
    Even if you have the proper BIOS file, the motherboard cant use the processor to apply it.
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  2. Do you have a local PC store to visit, they might have a Skylake chip they can update your board with if memory serves me right
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  3. the thing is taking to a shop to flash it will cost 50-80$ when you can buy a cheap kabylake for 80$
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