How many Years will intel 7700K and a 1070 8GB Last

Hi, Want to Build my first Gaming Pc but im worried
its not going to Last Long
i want to buy i7 7700k GTX 1070 8GB
But how long is it Going to last Playing
Games like Battelfield,GTA 5,CSGO
And the new games comming the next years
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  1. I would suggest you wait for Intel to release their Coffee lake based cpus instead of buying the 7700k.
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  2. The only thing that you can count on is that in 6 to 12 months there will be "better" hardware available. So, build a PC that supports the games you want to play now. Plan on replacing the GPU in about 3 years. Then, a full rebuild in about 6 years. This is just a rough estimate. The big unknown is if there's any really significant technology change.
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  3. It will for sure last through 2017. õ_Ô

    /me hopes they'll surprise us with a 100 core monster in 2018
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  4. I have an i5 4690+GTX 970 and so far I can run every game on Very High, and with some useless filteres off, on Ultra
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