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Hi I have the so 240g kit and was wondering if this rad would be compatible with out causing corrosion
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    Never heard of the SO kit, but your title fluid gaming which is aluminum kit so any aluminum radiator will work like the one you linked. You can just never put copper or nickle in the loop. I'm not sure about Brass...but I don't think so either.
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  2. rather than start a new thread does anyone know if all other ek pumps will work with the fluid gaming lineup I cant seem to find info on weather the other pumps have copper or brass internals I have the pump that comes with the kit but aint sure on weather ek provide upgrades or I can use any pump I want to
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  3. I would contact EK on that one because I actually wondered that myself, even Jay2Centz (youtube guy) had the same question. It might be the brass they use isn't a issue, however most will be a problem.
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