Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 faulty?

Hi guys, my old rig took water damage so I ended up having to upgrade. PC powers up but nothing to display (tried VGA dvi and hdmi with 3 different cards). The only part I didn't replace besides my case isy psu and even then I tried an older 500w one to eliminate that option.
Even my keyboard only lights for a split second on start.

My current set up:
Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3
Ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler
Msi 750ti
500b bronze 80+
HyperX fury 2666 2x4
Nzxt Phantom 410
Seagate barracuda 80gb

To summarise:
I tried 2 psu (750 seasonic gold and 500w evga bronze)

3 gpu (390x, 260x and 750ti)

2 monitors using dvi/hdmi/VGA

Reseated ram and tested with 1 stick

Tried with hdd in and out.

Any help greatly appreciated
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  1. Figured it out after testing all the way down to breadboard, my motherboard doesn't support Ryzen 5 out of the box.

    Not sure how this plays out from here as I've never had to RMA before but I contacted my suppliers (OverclockersUK).
    What I'm hoping for is to send it back and have them flash it.

    Next time I'll fully investigate compatability! Hope this helps someone.
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